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The Electric Theatre, Guildford

The Electric Theatre is situated in the town centre, within easy reach of a number of car parks. Parking at the venue itself, however, is very restricted, typically with only 3 spaces available to a visiting company at any one time; there is no audience parking. Here are the location details on both multimap and Streetmap. The theatre was built and is run for the most part thanks to the efforts of GATA - the Guildford Amateur Theatre Association.

The list below was last updated on 14th October 2004.

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General Dimensions and facilities
Area Description Dimension
Audience Capacity Including Balcony & bleacher but excluding orchestra pit 180
Including Balcony & bleacher and using orchestra pit 210
Steward/Usher seats Maximum of 3
Wheelchair spaces Up to a maximum of 6 wheelchairs may be accommodated by removing seats in the bleacher units in row C. Each wheelchair space uses 2 seats. Max 6
Auditorium Normal use is as a single tier of seats facing a proscenium arch formed by folding doors and an adjustable height pelmet. With the seating retracted and proscenium doors folded back a flat floor hall is formed
Fixed stage edge to balcony front 11.8m
Fixed stage edge to back wall 10.1m
Clear length of flat floor including stage 21.9m
Width between walls 12.2m
Width between proscenium doors when folded out 10.9m
Maximum height floor to ceiling 9.3m
Orchestra Pit Front two rows retract under fixed floor to provide facilities for an orchestra pit
Total area 14.4m2
Rail to stage edge 1.8m
Max depth of pit below stage 1.4m
Proscenium Stage Width with doors folded in 7.2m
Width with doors folded out 10.9m
Height (structural) 6.0m
Height (Visual) - adjustable down to 4.5m
Total depth of stage 10.4m
Depth from stage edge to entrance lobby 9m
Depth from stage edge to back wall 10.4
Width of stage (wall-to-wall) 12.2m
Max height to fly bars down stage 8.1m
Max height to fly bars up stage 4.3m
Overall stage area 118m2
The pelmet is adjustable on a hand winch, as is the No. 1 LX bar. The remaining 31 bars are on handlines. Max load for each bar: 150Kg
Distance between bars 0.25m
Max bar length (including extensions) 9m
Rostra 11 off 2.4m x 1.2m (8' x 4')
2 off 1.2m x 1.2m (4' x 4')
Adjustable to four heights - 6", 12", 18", 24". Compatible with 'Steeldeck' staging sections
Floor Flat and level. Tongue and groove construction, semi-sprung maple.
Access Tailboard height above roadway in private yard providing access via stage right wing.
Width 2.9m
Height 3m
Scene store None
Control Box Control room in rear of auditorium above fixed balcony. Alternative position in row C or back of stalls for both sound and lighting
Dressing Rooms Located on first floor. Each will accommodate up to 12 people. Each has toilet and shower facilities.
Fold Back Both video and audio available in box office and dressing rooms.
Lighting and Effects
Resource Description Number
Control Strand 520i (250 channel DMX).
Manual in .pdf format.
Manual in .doc format
Strand GSX (75 channel DMX) 1
Dimmed Channels Strand LD-90 racks providing 10Amps per channel (2.4kW) 48
Using 2 x Strand "Act 6" (not digital) portable dimmers providing 6 channels at 2kW each 12
Lanterns Strand Cantata 11/26 zoom profile (1.2kW) 6
Strand Cantata 18/32 zoom profile (1.2kW) 2
Strand Cantata Fresnel (1.2kW) 12
CCT Starlette Fresnel (1kW or 1.2kW - not sure which)
(Click here for General CCT lantern info)
Strand Prelude Fresnel (650W) 18
Strand Prelude 16/30 zoom profile (650W) 8
ETC Source 4, 19° spotlight
(Click here for General Source 4 info)
ETC Source 4, 25° - 50° spotlight
(Click here for General Source 4 info)
PAR 64 / CP62 Parcans (1kW) 28
PAR 64 / CP95 EXG Scrollercans (1kW) with CromaQ scrollers 8
PAR 56 MFL (1kW) 12
Birdies (20W) 27
Coda 4 flood (4 x 500W) 10
Nocturn flood (500W) 4
CCT Minuette fresnels 11
MSR 'Foxie' followspots (700W) 2
Effects Jem ZR31 Smoke machines with DMX and dedicated remote 2
LeMaitre Neutron Star Hazer 2
Resource Description Number
Permanent Fixtures Microphone lines 32
Loudspeaker lines 16
Microphones and Accessories Vocal: Beyer BDM88TG 4
Vocal: Shure SM 58 5
Instrument: Shure SM 57 4
Float: Audio Technica AT835B 3
Float: K6/ME67 'Long Gun' 3
Di Box: Active 1
Di Box: Passive 5
Di Box: Active - Dual input 1
Boom microphone stands 10
Mixing desks Soundcraft K3 24-8-2 1
Soundcraft K1 16-4-2 1
Spirit Folio (16 channel? - cannot remember specs!) 1
Sources Tascam 102 Cassette 1
Sony CD (Cannot remember model) 1
Sony MD (Cannot remember model) 1
Denon MD (DN-M2000R) 1
Effects Yamaha SPX1000 digital reverb 1
Yamaha Q2031 Stereo Graphic Equalizer 2
Behringer stereo feedback destroyer 2
Amplifiers Crown 800 CSL stereo amplifier 3
RMX 2450 Amplifier 1
Yamaha EMX 640 mixer/amplifier 1
Loud Speakers Electrovoice Sx200 with Xp200 processors (Fixed FOH) 4
Electrovoice Sx200 foldback/effects 2
Celestion QX122 foldback wedge 2
Wedges (specs unknown) 4
Communications Full facilities on SM desk includes:
Single channel intercom by Metro Audio
8 Station cue light system
Show relay and paging system.
Radios Motorola 2-way radios 4
Assisted listening Sennheiser infra-red system
(Single channel loop at Box Office counter)